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Every Petergof Banquet Hall celebration is photo-worthy. From the high-end cuisine to the luxurious event halls, every aspect is the perfect backdrop for your photographs. Friends and family will be amazed when they see images of top-tier entertainment and carefully curated decor in the background of your photos. Browse through the Petergof gallery to get a sense of how your next celebration could look.

Under banquet food, you’ll get a taste of the vibrancy and quality each of Petergof’s dishes brings to the table. From tasty French fry cones to elegantly prepared seafood platters, take a look through what Petergof has to offer. The event halls tab provides a peek into the various decorations and themes created by the Petergof event planning team. If you click the entertainment tab, you’ll be amazed at the productions Petergof has put on. The video selection offers a look into every aspect of the banquet hall.

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